The erotic art of nuru massage

Anyone that has any experience whatsoever with nuru massage knows that it is both fun, erotic and very very slippery! Not everyone that uses this massage really knows a lot about where it comes from or really what it is about, but many will see it simply advertised as an erotic massage service at various locations on their travels across the UK.

It was actually invented in Japan and so is an oriental form of massage. The other key element of said massage is that it doesn’t use massage oil but a unique gel which is made from seaweed hence the name. The word ‘Nuru’ is basically a translation from the Japanese language to English and the meaning of this word is actually slippery and this is why you might see it commonly referred to as a slippery massage or as a body slide etc.

As far as we know this is the only massage that uses its own oil or gel as most others that we have come across at Princess massage will always make do with the traditional oils for the purpose of the massage. Although the idea was conceived in Japan, since it hit the streets of Europe and the UK, you will find that many of the agencies that offer a nuru massage in London for example, have added their own spin and technique when it comes to giving a nuru massage. Some might pick up some tips from YouTube videos whereas others seem to be more creative and so the experience you get with one maybe very different to another in the UK at least

As the popularity grows we are finding that the complementary products for this massage grow as it becomes more mainstream and so there are much more choices for inflatable mattresses and also sheets to cover a bed – as this really is a slippery type of massage!!


Important steps of a good erotic massage

Most couples and single guys that have experience will known that a romantic massage is a very intimate affair and can give a relationship or encounter quite a boost when some of the main steps are followed

Here we discuss some of the main points:

  1. The setting of the scene – for many people this is the single most important aspect to really start off on the right foot and this is making sure that the atmosphere is right from the beginning. Also important here to make sure that any 21st century distractions such as ipads and iphones are well out the way for the massage
  1. Lay a towel on the bed – Here we want a large towel as some protection for the bed and this also must be very comfortable and as a good a quality towel as you can get for this
  1. Room Temperature – this is quite often overlooked as the last thing you want is too much sweating – well at least before things start to heat up naturally anyway!
  1. Music Choice – Something sensual and erotic to really add to the atmosphere of the massage.
  1. Candles – Again a great way to add some spice as everyone associates candles with romance and are great for erotic massage

Above are some of our main tips and this is what we also follow at our own parlour where we offer erotic massage in London. We can also help with couples who are trying to give their partner a surprise or perhaps if they are looking to learn erotic massage together this is no problem too!

We really feel that when attention is paid to detail of the above 5 points that you will always set yourself up for a great massage with your partner!

Young happy woman receiving shoulder massage at spa and beauty salon

Finding relaxation in London Town

As a tourist or business person in the capital city of the UK, there really is a lot to do with one’s spare time. For someone that is partial to a bit of nightlife then London surely ahs to be one of the premium destinations around the globe with a great mixture of nightclubs, restaurants, theatres and a lot more!

All of this is great fun, but one of the key things after a great night out especially for those with a hangover is getting some good relaxation in! This is where London is truly in its own class, with a huge array of choice for all the different alternative therapies one could imagine. There is everything on the table from sensual tantric massage through to acupuncture

and reiki healing!

One of the main advantages of London being so culturally diverse is the sheer amount of options that it brings in this area.  Massage for example has been proven in many scientific and non-scientific studies to produce a calming effect on the individual’s body and mind as does acupuncture, both of which are now used by medical professionals as treatments for certain ailments

For those that find a gym workout and sauna relaxing there is also many options here fire London dwellers and for those that are staying in a decent quality of hotel in the centre of town then this could well come as part of the package with some of the upmarket hotels around. One of the great options that some use if a magazine called timeout, here you can find a lot of information on all the latest happenings in town with some great options on everything from going out to the next day of pure relaxation in the heart of London town!


Locating a Massage Establishment or Parlour

Finding a place to get a massage is often overlooked by many as something very simple, although to find the right place for a massage with a decent service is not always as easy as it may sound. Especially nowadays in the UK as there are more and more popping up daily with the opening up of borders and so finding one that will deliver the right service at the right place is by no means an easy task

One of the easiest and now most convenient methods is simply using the internet. A simple google search will give you a list of different massage establishments that should suit your tastes. Whether you are looking for a tantric massage London service or maybe a Sports massage in Reading, you should find heaps of results very quickly. With people’s access to the internet both on their phones an at work/home it couldnt be easier right?

Well this is infact where so many go wrong. This is only really the first step, but for many people this is probably not the way they would go about it. One of the tried and tested ways that we would recommend is whatever massage therapy that you are looking for, there will usually be either a forum, a review site, and accredited organisation or even multiples where you could go to get information on past user experiences. Did they get an authentic tantric massage, was the sports massage therapist part of all the correct organisations? are all things that many people would want to know before signing up with a masseuse or masseur in their area.

Many people that go for massage are investing for the future. They may plan to go weekly, monthly or even every three months, but the main thing is that many people using massage once they find a good and professional therapist will be happy to stay with this practitioner and so due dligience is even more important when finding a good parlour or establishment.


Dealing with Back Pain Issues with Massage

Back pain is something that will affect all of us at some point in our lives, some more than others. One of the ways that back pain can manifest itself is through compressed discs in the spine and also with muscle strains and in many cases it can also be a combination of both of these. Many times this can be from carrying excess weight (mainly in the abdominal area) and also the incorrect lifting of things.

Sometimes with back pain problems people here will opt for the surgical route or medicinal route and counter everything with strong pain killers, however there are other options. One such method is for the person to actively lose some weight and also to strengthen their adnominal muscles to counter the issue

Whilst in the process of doing this massage offers  perfect therapy for them to to keep on with their daily routine whilst actively working on getting their bodies in a better state to help deal with the issues.

There are many different licensed therapists that can help with such issues ranging from physiotherapists, to Swedish masseuses and Sport Massage. A good example of a company in London that offer such therapy is Ellie’s Tantric Massage, as well as employing tantric practitioners they also have a good team of Swedish masseuses who have done very well with back pain issues in clients in the London area.

Many holistic therapists will always argue that really the last option in treatment should always be the medical and surgical route and as more people suffer problems with withdrawals and addiction to various medicines it seems that the amount of people that would rather choose the holistic route first such as massage is growing massively!